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K alpha doublet splitting of iron X-rays / fine structure

K alpha doublet splitting of iron X-rays / fine structure

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The polychromatic iron X-ray spectrum is to analyzed by means of a monocrystal. The energy of the characteristic lines is to be determined from the positions of the glancing angles for various orders of diffraction. The separation of the Ka doublet in higher order diffraction is to be examined.


  1. Record the intensity of the X-rays emitted by the iron anode as a function of the Bragg angle using a LiF monocrystal as analyzer.
  2. Determine the wavelengths and ratio of the intensities of the two Ka lines in high order diffraction and compare your results with the theoretical predictions.

What you can learn about

  • Characteristic X-ray radiation
  • energy levels
  • selection rules
  • the Bragg equationenergy
  • term symbols

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