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Kit: Agarose gel electrophoresis of Lambda DNA

Kit: Agarose gel electrophoresis of Lambda DNA

Item no.: KLA-530-110

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Function and Applications

This set is needed for the preparation of lambda DNA in agarose gel electrophoresis and contains a double-stranded DNA genome of 48,502 base pairs of the bacteriophage lambda. In one experiment you can compare the uncut lambda DNA with an enzymatically cut lambda DNA.


  • Complete equipment set: contains all required chemicals
  • ready to use: DNA fragment samples are already predigested
  • easy to use: detailed experiment information
  • DNA samples can can be stored for a longer period because they are lyophilized

Equipment and Technical Data

Set for 10 workstations.

The kit contains the following components:

  • Lambda DNA 120µl
  • Lambda DNA, Eco RI cut 120 µl
  • Lambda DNA, Hind III cut 120µl
  • Lambda DNA, Eco RI / Hind III cut 120µl
  • Agarose, 6g
  • Electrophresis buffer, 50 ml
  • DNA stain solution, 1.5 ml
  • Manual

Transport at room temperature, storage under 10°C

Necessary accessories

  • TESS advanced Biology set Molecular Biology (15310-88)
  • Power supply for electrophoresis chamber (65966-93)
  • TESS advanced Biology Set Molecular Biology, necessary accessories for 5 groups (13448-88)
  • TESS advanced Biology Set Molecular Biology, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups (13447-88)


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