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Kit: Forensic DNA Fingerprinting (crime scene)

Kit: Forensic DNA Fingerprinting (crime scene)

Item no.: KLA-530-120

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Function and Applications

This set allows to simulate the method of DNA-Fingerprinting and uses a DNA fingerprint to identify the offender in a hypothetical crime. After separation of given DNA (set includes DNA samples of suspects and offender, no real human DNA) by using gel electrophoresis and staining the DNA samples the students can compare the pattern of fragments on the gel with other DNA samples and match the DNA to the offender.


  • Complete equipment set: contains all needed chemicals
  • Ready to use: DNA samples are already predigested
  • Easy to use: detailed experiment information
  • DNA samples can be stored for a longer period because they are lyophilized

Equipment and Technical Data

For 10 workstations


  • DNA victim, 120 µl
  • DNA from crime scene, 120 µl
  • DNA from suspect person No. 1, 120 µl
  • DNA from suspect person No. 2, 120 µl
  • Electrophoresis buffer, 50 ml
  • Agarose, 6 g
  • DNA stain solution, 1,5 ml
  • Manual

Transport at room temperature, storage under 10°C

Necessary Accessories

  • TESS advanced Biology set Molecular Biology (15310-88)
  • Power supply for electrophoresis chamber (65966-93)
  • TESS advanced Biology Set Molecular Biology, necessary accessories for 5 groups (13448-88)
  • TESS advanced Biology Set Molecular Biology, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups (13447-88)


Experiment Item no.
Genetic fingerprinting P8110300
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