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leXsolar-PV Basic

leXsolar-PV Basic

Item no.: LEX-1130

leXsolar GmbH
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Function and Applications


What is a solar cell and what is a solar panel? What can be powered with a solar cell? How should you align the solar cell to the sun? These questions and many more can be answered using leXsolar-PV Basic. All experiments are designed in a qualitative way and are specifically adapted for young students in Elementary School as well as Junior High School. For using this product you additionally need the leXsolar-Minikit Basic in primary school and the leXsolar-Kit Basic in Junior High School, each of which contains all necessary accessories.


The solar cell as energy source

The solar cell powers the motor

The solar cell powers the buzzer

Difference between solar cells and solar panels

The larger the solar cell, the....?

Orientation of the solar cell

How much light does a solar cell need?

Shading effect of solar panels

Color mixtures and optical illusions

Series and parallel connection with solar cells

Power dependence on the area of the solar cell

Power dependence on the angle of incidence

Power dependence on the level of illumination

Internal resistance of solar cells

IV characteristic and fill factor of the solar cell

Power dependence on temperature


List of components:

1 x 1100-02 Solar module 0.5 V, 840 mA

1 x 1100-07 Solar module 1.5 V, 280 mA

1 x 1100-20 Lighting module

1 x 1100-25 Buzzer module

1 x 1100-27 Motor module without gear

1 x 1100-28 Color discs - Set 1

1 x 1100-29 Solar cell cover set (4 pieces)

1 x 1130-01 Carton 1130

1 x L3-01-176 Insert PV Basic 1130

1 x L3-03-202 Layout diagram PV Basic 1130

1 x L3-03-258 Info sheet initial startup

Extras needed:

1 x 2030 leXsolar-Minikit Basic or

1 x 2031 leXsolar-Kit Basic

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Required Accessories
leXsolar-Minikit Basic LEX-2030

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