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Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement with a teslameter

Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement with a teslameter

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The spatial distribution of the field strength between a pair of coils in the Helmholtz arrangement is measured. The spacing at which a uniform magnetic field is produced is investigated and the superposition of the two individual fields to form the combined field of the pair of coils is demonstrated.


  • Particularly homogeneous magnetic field and high flux density due to large Helmholtz coil diameter
  • Helmholtz coils suitable for multiple other elementary experiments


  1. To measure the magnetic flux density along the z-axis of the flat coils when the distance between them alpha = R(R = radius of the coils) and when it is larger and smaller than this.
  2. To measure the spatial distribution of the magnetic flux density when the distance between coils alpha = R, using the rotational symmetry of the set-up: a) measurement of the axial component Bz; b) measurement of radial component Br.
  3. To measure the radial components B´r and B"r of the two individual coils in the plane midway between them and to demonstrate the overlapping of the two fields at Br = 0.

What you can learn about

  • Maxwell's equations
  • Wire loop
  • Flat coils
  • Biot-Savart's law
  • Hall effect"
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