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  • Magnetic stirrer without heating, 3 ltr., 230 V
  • Magnetic stirrer without heating, 3 ltr., 230 V
Magnetic stirrer without heating, 3 ltr., 230 V Magnetic stirrer without heating, 3 ltr., 230 V

Magnetic stirrer without heating, 3 ltr., 230 V

Item no.: 35761-99

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Function and Applications

Magnetic stirrer without heater.


  • top plate of ABS plastics
  • M8-thread in the housing for a support rod

Equipment and Technical Data

  • stirring capacity: max. 3 l water
  • speed range: 100 ... 1500 rpm
  • speed accuracy: +/- 5%
  • diameter of the top plate: 135 mm
  • power supply: 100-240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • dimensions (mm): 155 x 215 x 75
  • weight: 0.9 kg

optional Accessories

  • support rod with M8 thread, l = 500 mm (35760-02)
Experiment Item no.
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Properties of aluminium P1143400
Electrical conductivity of solutions of salts P1145700
Dependence of the reaction velocity on the type of substance I P1149100
Keto-enol tautomerism of ethyl acetoacetate P1154000
Thermal and electrical conductivity of metals P2350200
Solubility product with Cobra4 P3030862
Dissociation equilibrium with Cobra4 P3030960
Complex formation equilibrium / equilibrium constant P3031001
Adsorption isotherms P3040801
Conductivity of strong and weak electrolytes with Cobra4 P3060660
Conductivity titration with Cobra4 P3060760
Determination of the activity coefficient by a conductivity measurement with Cobra4 P3060862
Nernst equation with Cobra4 P3060962
Titration curves and buffering capacity with Cobra4 P3061660
Haloalkanes: Grignard reagent P3101000
Redox Volumetric Titration: Cerimetry with Cobra4 P3121060
Titration of a polyvalent acid with a strong base with Cobra4 P3121260
Briggs-Rauscher reaction with Cobra4 - classical clock reaction P3121660
Determination of the isoelectric point of various amino acids with Cobra4 P4120160
Determination of the Michaelis constant with Cobra4 P4120360
TESS Environment and Outdoors optional acessories for 10 groups 13445-88
Cobra4 Sensor-Unit Drop Counter 12636-88
TESS advanced Analytical Chemistry, necessary accessoriesfor 1 group 13440-88
Thermal conductivity of metals P2350201
Necessary accessories for Basic set Biochemistry & plant physiology 65980-77
Water quality - contamination by heavy metals- with Cobra SMARTsense P0990169
Determination of the Michaelis constant with CobraSMARTsense P4120369
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