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Maxwellian velocity distribution

Maxwellian velocity distribution

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By means of the model apparatus for kinetic theory of gases the motion of gas molecules is simulated and the velocities determined by registration of the throw distance of the glass balls. This velocity distribution is compared to the theoretical Maxwell- Boltzmann equation.


  • For both demonstration and student experiments
  • Unique experiment to quantitatively study kinetic gas theory
  • With detailed experiment guide
  • Visualization of the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution


  1. Measure the velocity distribution of the "model gas".
  2. Compare the result to theoretical behaviour as described by the Maxwell- Boltzmann distribution.
  3. Discuss the results.

What you can learn about

  • Kinetic theory of gases
  • Temperature
  • Gas- molecules
  • Model kinetic energy
  • Average velocity
  • Velocity distribution

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