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Measurespec spectrometer with cuvette holder and light source

Measurespec spectrometer with cuvette holder and light source

Item no.: 35610-88

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Function and Applications

This set consisting of a Measurespec spectrometer (35610-00) and a cuvette holder and light source for the Measurespec (35610-99) makes it possible to record both emission and absorption spectra.
The light to be investigated is guided by optical fibres to a grid fixed inside the spectrometer, which disperses it into its spectral colours. The spectrum is recorded with the aid of a CCD array, which records the entire spectrum at once, making it possible to reliably record rapid changes in the spectrum itself. The spectra can be displayed and stored by means of the supplied software (software is not running under Windows 8!) with its versatile functionality. The spectrometer is connected to a PC via a USB port, which also suffices to supply power to the spectrometer, so that no additional supply is needed. The cuvette holder holds standard cuvettes measuring 1 cm x 1 cm. The built-in light source makes it possible to record absorption spectra for solutions. The rapid measuring rate of the spectrometer even allows the speed of reactions involving changes in colour to be measured (reaction kinetics). Light having passed through the cuvette is guided into the spectrometer via optical fibre. Fibres for fluorescence measurements can also be attached at 90° to the path of the incident light.



  • Robust aluminium case
  • Rapid measurement of full spectral range
  • Flexible introduction of light to be investigated by means of optical fibres
  • No additional power supply required
  • Measurement of emission spectra and absorption spectra
  • Intuitive "measure" software for controlling the apparatus and recording spectra

Cuvette holder:

  • Robust aluminium case
  • Long-lived tungsten lamp
  • Flexible introduction of light to be investigated by means of optical fibres
  • Universal power supply via plug-in transformer
  • Measurement of absorption spectra, fluorescence spectra, reaction kinetics

Equipment and technical data


  • Supplied with software and optical fibres (software is not running under Windows 8)
  • Range of wavelengths: 350...850 nm
  • Detector: silicon CCD array
  • Resolution: 2 nm
  • Connection to computer: USB
  • Optical fibre connection: SMA 905
  • Dimensions (mm): 170 x 126 x 55

Cuvette holder:

  • Supplied with plug-in power supply and optical fibres
  • Type of lamp: tungsten (lifetime approx. 2000 hours)
  • Optical fibres: 50 µm x 2 m
  • 2 optical fibre connectors: SMA 905
  • Size of cuvettes: 1 cm x 1 cm
  • Power supply: 100 ... 240 V / 50 ... 60 Hz
  • Dimensions (mm): 95 x 51 x 46

Software measurespec does not run on Windows 10! Requires manual installation for that.


Matching cuvettes:

  • Cuvettes for spectral photometer, optical glass, 12 x 12 x 45 mm, set of 2 (35664-02)
  • Polystyrene macro-cuvette, 12 x 12 x 44 mm, 4 ml, set of 100 (35663-10) 

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