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Measuring tape, l = 2 m

Measuring tape, l = 2 m

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Function and Applications

Measuring tape.

Equipment and technical data

  • One side with mm subdivisions.
  • Encapsulated.
Experiment Item no.
Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15271-88
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
TESS advanced Student set Soil examination 30836-88
TESS advanced Physics set Optics / Atomic physics, OA 13286-88
Student set Acoustics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15289-88
Student set Optics 3, Wave optics, TESS advanced Physics 15280-88
Measurement of length P0998100
Bending of a leaf spring P0999200
Force aligned in the same and opposite direction P0999400
Combination of forces; parallelogram of forces P0999500
Restoring force on a displaced pendulum P1000200
Force and displacement on a fixed pulley P1000800
Force and displacement on a free pulley P1000900
Block and tackle formed from a free and a fixed pulley P1001000
Block and tackle with four pulleys P1001100
Potential energy and tension energy P1001500
Power P1001600
Hydrostatic pressure P1001800
Finding the density of immiscible liquids P1002300
Boyle-Mariotte law P1002500
Thread pendulum (mathematical pendulum) P1002800
Damping P1003000
Displacement-time recording P1003200
Reversible pendulum (physical pendulum) P1003300
Coupled pendulum systems P1003400
Free fall with the 2-1 timer P1004105
Calibration of a thermometer (thermometer model) P1042300
Expansion of liquids and gases P1042500
Expansion coefficient of liquids P1042600
Expansion of air at constant pressure P1042700
Expansion of air at constant volume P1042800
Linear expansion of metals P1042900
Thermal conduction coefficient of metals P1043200
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044400
Diffraction at a double slit P1195700
Diffraction at multiple slits P1195800
Coherence condition P1196100
Diffraction at circular apertures P1196300
Resolving power of optical devices P1196500
Uniformly accelerated motion with an inclined track with thedemonstration track and the timer 4-4 P1198805
Uniformly decelerated motion with the demonstration trackand the timer 4-4 P1198905
Diffraction at a slit P1411801
Diffraction at a double slit P1411901
Diffraction at multiple slits P1412001
Diffraction at a stripe - Babinet's theorem P1412101
Diffraction at circular obstacles and circular apertures - P1412201
What does the LED spectrum look like with a transmissiongrating? P1415401
What is the groove spacing on a CD? P1416201
What can one learn from diffraction patterns? P1416301
At which wavelength does an LED emit light? P1419201
Modulus of elasticity P2120200
Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with a precision pivot bearing P2131305
Coupled pendula with Cobra4 (advanced version) P2132560
Coupled pendula with measure Dynamics P2132580
Moments of inertia of different bodies/ Steiner's theorem with Cobra4 P2132860
Phase velocity of rope waves P2133300
Velocity of sound in air with Universal Counter P2150305
Velocity of sound using Kundt's tube and digital function generator P2150605
Measurement of the speed of sound in air with Cobra4 P2153060
Diffraction of light at a slit and an edge P2230200
Solar ray collector P2360100
Harmonic Oscillation P6010800
Does the lung volume depend on how tall you are? P8001260
Save energy, use pulleys P9152300
The solar cell as a power source for LED P9511500
Storage of electrical energy of a solar cell with the aid ofa rechargeable battery P9511800
Storage of the electric energy from a solar cell in a capacior P9512100
Influence of surface on the absorption of solar energy P9513200
Influence of insulation on the absorption of solar energy P9513300
Using the greenhouse effect with a solar collector P9513400
Thermal radiation and greenhouse effect P9513700
Storage of electrical energy from wind energy with the aid of a rechargeable battery P9515600
Storage of the electric energy won from wind energy in a capacitor P9515700
Current-voltage characteristic of the wind wheel P9515800
Wind-hydrogen system P9516400
Pumping water using solar energy P9518100
Pumping water using wind energy P9518200
Efficiency of the pump in the conversion of electric energy to potential energy P9518300
Heating water using a parabolic trough P9519100
How heating is influenced by the position of the absorber in the parabolic trough P9519200
Model of a parabolic trough field P9519300
Student set Linear motion with Timer 2-1, Dynamics, TESS advanced Physics 15283-88
Stutent set Linear motion with Cobra4 Mobile-Link (Dynamics), TESS advanced Physics 15284-88
TESS Wave optics, supplement 13252-77
Free fall with Cobra4 P1004162
Resonance frequencies of Helmholtz resonators with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2150864
Interference experiment P2220101
DEMO advanced Physics Set Linear Motion (Dynamics) 15514-88
Set Mechanical devices in everyday use, TESS beginner Sciences 15239-88
Changing direction of force P6104300
Force reduction P6104400
Force reduction and direction change of force P6104500
Biegung einer Blattfeder mit measureAPP P0999268
Does the lung volume depend on how tall you are? P8001269
Force reduction and direction change of force with SMARTsens P6104569
Force reduction with SMARTsense P6104469
Changing direction of force with SMARTsense P6104369
Bending of a leaf spring with Cobra SMARTsense P0999269
Coulomb's law/ image charge P2420405
DEMO advanced physics set: Diffraction and interference on t 15565-88
DEMO advanced physics set: Geometrical Optics on the optica 15560-88
TESS advanced Electronics EB 2 optional accessories for 1 group 13472-88
TESS advanced Electronics EEP 2 optional accessories for 1 group 13479-88
Measurement of time P0998200
Hooke's law P0999100
Capillary action P1002400
Oscillations of a leaf spring P1002900
Conversion of mechanical energ P1044468
Fresnel's double mirror experiment P1195000
Fresnel's biprism experiment P1195100
Young's double slit experiment P1195200
Newton's rings P1195300
Diffraction at a grating P1195900
Diffraction at a system of circular apertures of equal size P1196400
Determination of the focal len P1410403
Determination of the wavelength of a laser with an optical grating P1410901
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel biprism P1411301
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel double mirror P1411401
Lloyd's mirror experiment P1411501
Reversible pendulum P2132200
Interference of light P2220100
Michelson interferometer - High Resolution P2220900
Balmer series/ determination of Rydberg's constant P2510700
Atomic spectra of two-electron system: He, Hg P2510800
Standing waves P6011300
Acoustic Doppler-effect P6012100
Weight P6103000
Uniform and accelerated motion P6105100
Examination of soil horizons P9112400
Heating water in a solar collector P9513500
Student set Optics / Atomic physics, TESS advanced Physics 15350-88
Michelson interferometer - High Resolution P2220910
Free fall with Cobra SMARTsense P1004169

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