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Measure probe for gas chromatog

Measure probe for gas chromatog

Item no.: 36670-10

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Function and applications

Use in conjunction with the gas chromatography apparatus as a detector. The carrier gas (mobile phase) with the individual fractions streams past a built-in temperature-sensitive resistor. The differing heat conductivities of the separate fractions and the carrier gas itself cause changes in resistance at the sensor, which can be plotted using display equipment, e.g. an x-y plotter or measuring interface.


Detection of individual fractions during separation by gas chromatography without causing any alterations in the substances contained inside.

Equipment and technical data

  • NTC resistor in a glass tube with an inlet and an outlet for the gas mixture to flow through the tube
  • External diameter of tube: 8 mm


  • Gas chromatography apparatus 36670-99

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