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  • MatataLAB STEM Coding set
  • MatataLAB STEM Coding set
MatataLAB STEM Coding set MatataLAB STEM Coding set

MatataLAB STEM Coding set

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Function and Applications

We know kids naturally play and learn by using their hands, eyes, and ears. This is essential for cognitive development, so we have created a solution for kids to start coding from a young age. Kids use their imagination to create infinite possibilities using coding blocks, by controlling a robot car through coding algorithms. Kids receive instant feedback, and quickly learn that coding is simple. Starting young and equipped with the understanding of fundamental concepts, kids at a later age will be able to grasp more abstract concepts of real programming at school and can learn without fear.


  • Develops cognitive abilities, imagination, and coding skills through hands-on play
  • Helps kids learn how to code by playing with a screenless, words free educational coding game

Equipment and Technical Data


  • Robot car that enhances the thrill of adventure, its unique attachments allow it to draw and sing (with optional add-on sets)
  • Command tower: tells the robot car where to go
  • Coding blocks for directions, movement, functions and numbers
  • Control board: place the blocks on the board. Hit the button, and the robot car executes your program
  • Nature map and step-by-step challenge booklets




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