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MOTIC Moticam 1CMOS Technology

MOTIC Moticam 1CMOS Technology

Item no.: 63300-00

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Function and Applications
1/2.9-inch digital camera to be placed on microscope eyepieces of any diameter with an outstanding price performance ratio. The included eyepiece adapters can be adapted to any eyepieces even if they have different diameters. Also, the camera can be connected to microscopes which have a photo tube with C-mount adapter plug.
Included is a focusable macro lens which allows that the camera can be used without a microscope to display any object on the PC monitor.


  • With the included image editing software for PC, Macintosh OSX and Linux platforms, the images can be measured and analyzed. It also provides a variety of other tools for teachers, students and researchers.
  • Equipped with all necessary accessories that fit Moticam 1 on virtually any microscope eyepiece and thus allows you to turn any microscope into a digital microscope.
  • With the attached macrolens the camera can be used also as a video camera.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • 1280 x 720 Pixel with 1/2.9"-CMOS chip and USB Interface, 30 fps
  • 2 size-adaptable ocular adapters for all microscopes
  • Calibration slides for the precise determination of the size standard in the software allowing dimensions of objects to be measured
  • Focusable 12 mm macrolens for webcam use
  • Macrotubus to give the camera a stable stand in combination with the macrolens during the observation of objects (for example: insects, minerals, ...)
  • Software "Motic image plus 3.0" for Windows, MacOS and Linux

Recommended accessories
In order to use the camera on an optical bench or an optical base (e.g. for the Zeeman effect experiment) the following additional item is required:

  •  Holder for Moticam  on optical bench and optical base plate (63300-01)

Moticam Intro

Moticam Intro

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