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Motor 12 V, module DB

Motor 12 V, module DB

Item no.: 09475-01

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Function and Applications

This motor belongs to the electric/electronic-building block system for demonstration experiments. It can be used as a generator or for experiments to the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy and vice versa. Also as a drive assembly for the Motor model for magnet board (07850-20) it can be used.



  • this demo building block can be fixed to all magnetically adhesive boards
  • the building block is easy to remove from experimental set-ups using the gripper rims
  • labeling easily legible
  • 100-precent reliable contact due to interlocking building blocks
  • gold plated contacts (no corrosion)
  • impact strength material


Equipment and technical data

  • voltage range: 6...24 V
  • nominal voltage: 12. 0 V
  • idle-running speed: 5800 rpm
  • no load current: 0.08 A
  • rotation speed at max. efficiency: 4750 rpm
  • current: 0.35 A
  • moment: 5.0 mNm
  • engine performance: 2.5 Watt
  • Dimensions of the building block: 82 mm x 82 mm

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