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Noise level traffic lights

Noise level traffic lights

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Noise is very disturbing for a lot of people. Sometimes, however, we do not realise how loud it is around us because we are busy with other things. In these cases, our feeling of loudness is dulled and we do not notice how much the noise actually impairs our overall performance and productivity. In order to be able to verify objectively when sound in our environment actually gets too loud, i.e. when the noise level exceeds certain limits, so-called "noise level traffic lights" are used. In this experiment, the students measure the noise level in the classroom during two lessons, first while the noise level traffic light is visible, and then while the students cannot see it. They evaluate the course of the noise level over time and assess whether the visibility of the noise level traffic light had an effect on the noise level during the lesson.


  • Experiment is part of an experiment set with a total of 22 experiments about generation, propagation and perception of sound, oscillations and waves
  • Particularly appropriate as an experiment for first contact with physics in general
  • With graphic student worksheets
  • With detailed instructor information
  • Optimized for tight schedules, i.e. minimum preparation time required


Check the noise level in your classroom and try to control it.

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  • Noise
  • Noise level


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