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Ores collection, 40 ores

Ores collection, 40 ores

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Function and Applications

40 selected raw materials for producing metals; particularly rich-content ores have been selected as display pieces. The corresponding description contains details of the most important ore deposits worldwide. They give additional information about their use and origin, as well as the special position of the ores within the minerals.

The set contains the following ores:

  • Aluminum Ore: Bauxite
  • Magnesium ores: Manesit, Dolomite
  • Beryllium Ore: Beryl
  • CE-ore: Bastnaesite
  • Uranium-ore: Carnotite
  • Calcium-ore: Calcite
  • Strontium ore: Strontianite
  • Barium ore: Barite
  • Lithium Ore: Amblygonite
  • Sodium-ore: Halit
  • Potassium ore: Sylvite
  • Rudidium, cesium ore: Carnallite
  • Boron ore: Ulexite
  • Iron ore: Mangetit, Hematite
  • Manganese ore: Limonite, Siderite, Pyrolusite, Mangannomelan
  • Nickel ore: Nickeline
  • Cobalt ore: Skutterudite
  • Chrome Ore: Dhromite
  • Vanadium Ore: Descloizite
  • Titanium ore: Zemenit
  • Molybdenum ore: Molybdenite
  • Tungsten ores: Wolframite, Scheelite
  • Zirconium ore: Zircon
  • Copper Ores: Chalcocite, Chalcopyrite
  • Lead Ores: Bornite, Tetrahedrite
  • Zinc Ore: Galanit
  • Tin-ore: Sphalerite, Smithsonite
  • Mercury-ore: Cassiterite
  • Antimony ore: Cinnabar
  • Silicon ores: Stibnite, Quartz

Equipment and technical data

  • Set of 40 pieces
  • Format of the pieces 45×60 mm, in a wooden box with lid
  • Dimensions 260×495 mm

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