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Peltier effect: Cooling engine

Peltier effect: Cooling engine

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A Peltier element and a thermogenerator are identical in terms of their layout, but they are used for different purposes. The Peltier element consists of a block with several thermocouples that are electrically connected in series and thermally connected in parallel so that their thermoelectric voltages are added up. If one side of a thermocouple is colder than the other side, electric voltage is generated. If voltage is applied to a thermocouple, current flows through the component and a temperature difference results: one side becomes colder and the other side becomes warmer. The effect is called the Peltier effect.


  • Part of a system solution - Easily expandable for further experiments
  • easy teaching by using the demo board for demonstration
  • Simplified implementation: all pre-settings already prepared
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