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Peltier heat pump

Peltier heat pump

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The (cooling capacity) heating capacity and efficiency rating of a Peltier heat pump are determined under different operating conditions.


  • Open design allows to fully understand function and applications
  • Individual instruments for distinct functions (no "black box")
  • Key products of the experiment setup can also be used for investigating the Seebeck effect


  1. To determine the cooling capacity Pc of the pump as a function of the current and to calculate the efficiency rating hc at maximum output.
  2. To determine the heating capacity Pw of the pump and its efficiency rating hw at constant current and constant temperature on the cold side.
  3. To determine Pw, ηw and Pc , ηc from the relationship between temperature and time on the hot and cold sides.
  4. To investigate the temperature behaviour when the pump is used for cooling, with the hot side air-cooled.

What you can learn about

  • Peltier effect
  • Heat pipe
  • Thermoelectric e. m. f.
  • Peltier coefficient
  • Cooling capacity
  • Heating capacity
  • Efficiency rating
  • Thomson coefficient
  • Seebeck coefficient
  • Thomson equations
  • Heat conduction
  • Convection
  • Forced cooling
  • Joule effect

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