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pH-electrode, plastic, refillable, BNC

pH-electrode, plastic, refillable, BNC

Item no.: 46266-15

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Function and Applications

This simple pH single rod measuring cell, consisting of a glass electrode and a silver / silver chloride reference electrode with fixed cable with BNC plug, with plastic shaft is distinguished by its robust design. For low-ionic solutions, it is only limited use.


  • The reference electrode is equipped with a refillable electrolyte. 
  • The glass membrane of the pH electrode is relatively well protected against mechanical damage through the shaft that extends through the membrane.

Equipment and technical data

  • electrode with plastic shaft and spherical membrane
  • electrolyte refillable
  • measuring range: 2 ... 11 pH
  • isopotential point: pH = 7
  • temperature range: 0 ... +80 ° C
  • double reference lead
  • dimensions of the shaft (mm): 120 x 12
  • cable length: 1m

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