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Photosynthesis (measurement of oxygen pressure) with Cobra SMARTsense

Item no.: P4110269

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Representation of the photosynthesis performance of a plant by measuring the increase in oxygen pressure in white and green light or in the dark.


  • Especially understandable and didactically prepared description of the experiment (reference to everyday life etc.) including protocol questions.
  • Future-oriented teaching: Integration into digital science lessons with tablets or smartphones.
  • Increased motivation of students by using the intuitive measureAPP.
  • Increased media competence.
  • Compact, easily transportable experimental set-up

  • suitable for demo experiments and practical training

  • Flexible test execution thanks to wireless data transmission


  • comparison of oxygen pressure increase during photosynthesis under white light, green light and without light
  • Discussion of the reasons for the differences in the rise of the printing curve

Learning Objectives

  • Photosynthesis
  • intensity and color of light
  • Pressure measurement

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