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Plate capacitor, d 260mm

Plate capacitor, d 260mm

Item no.: 06220-00

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Function and Applications

High accuracy capacitor for electrostatic experiments, e. g. to investigate the relation between charge, voltage and capacity on a plate capacitor, to measure the dielectric constant and for precise determination of the electrostatic induction constant.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The fixed plate is highly insulated whereas the mobile plate is connected conductingly to the support.
  • Highly precise adjustment of distance by means of a spindle drive.
  • Distance is read on a vernier scale with a precision of 1/10 mm.
  • Distance between plates: 0 ... 70 mm.
  • Reading accuracy: 1/10 mm.
  • Plate diameter: 260 mm.
  • Plate thickness: 6 mm.

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