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Plate mount for three objects

Plate mount for three objects

Item no.: 09830-00

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Function and Applications

For student experiments in wave optics. Holder for objects up to 4 mm wide.

Equipment and technical data

  • Rod diameter: 12 mm.
Experiment Item no.
Student set Optics 3, Wave optics, TESS advanced Physics 15280-88
Fresnel's double mirror experiment P1195000
Fresnel's biprism experiment P1195100
Young's double slit experiment P1195200
Newton's rings P1195300
Diffraction at an edge P1195400
Diffraction at a slit P1195500
Diffraction at a narrow obstacle (line) - Babinet's princip-le P1195600
Diffraction at a double slit P1195700
Diffraction at multiple slits P1195800
Diffraction at a grating P1195900
Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction P1196000
Coherence condition P1196100
Diffraction at a crossed grating P1196200
Diffraction at circular apertures P1196300
Diffraction at a system of circular apertures of equal size P1196400
Resolving power of optical devices P1196500
Resolving power of the microscope P1196600
Spectral resolving power of a grating P1196700
Chromatic polarisation P1197000
Polarisation by reflection P1197100
Polarisation by refraction P1197200
Determination of the wavelength of a laser with an optical grating P1410901
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel double mirror P1411401
Lloyd's mirror experiment P1411501
Diffraction at a slit P1411801
Diffraction at a double slit P1411901
Diffraction at multiple slits P1412001
Diffraction at a stripe - Babinet's theorem P1412101
Diffraction at circular obstacles and circular apertures - P1412201
Diffraction at an edge P1412301
TESS Wave optics, supplement 13252-77
DEMO advanced physics set: Diffraction and interference on t 15565-88

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