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Portable Balance, OHAUS YA501

Portable Balance, OHAUS YA501

Item no.: 49214-00

Ohaus Waagen
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Function and Applications

Pocket balance with large performance and a stylish and functional design. The
whole balance with the weighing pan and the control knobs are protected by a
stable lid. That facilitates an easy and secure transportation of the balance.
The power supply occurs via batteries of the type Micro (AAA), which are ontained
in the scope of delivery.


  • 3-key-operation
  • transport protection through a stable lid
  • power-saving automatic disconnection after approx. 30 seconds without activity
  • background-illuminated display
  • 4 weighing-units:g | ct | grain | ounce
  • calibration with an external calibrating-weight
  • taring-range subtractive over the whole weighing-range

Equipment and technical data

  • weighing capacity: 500 g
  • readability: 0,1 g
  • case measures (L x B x H; mm): 112 x 73 x 17
  • weighing pan (L x B; mm): 70 x 50

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