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Potassium chloride          25

Potassium chloride 25

Item no.: 30098-25

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Function and applications

  • Potassium chloride, For making up 3-molar potassium chloride solution for use as a reference electrolyte and for storing pH electrodes.

  • CAS-No: 7681-11-0

  • Signalword: no

  • Hazard Class: no


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Experiment Item no.
Radioactivity of potassium P1314700
Debye-Scherrer diffraction patterns of powder samples with three cubic Bravais lattices P2542101
Conductivity of strong and weak electrolytes with Cobra4 P3060660
Determination of the activity coefficient by a conductivity measurement with Cobra4 P3060862
Absorption spectra and pKa values of p-methoxyphenol P3070401
Thermal decomposition of salts P7159900
Examination of salts P7300300
TESS advanced Radioactivity RE consumables for 10 groups 13469-88
DEMO advanced Radioactivity necessary accessories 15590-01
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 6 sets 30580-66
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 16 sets 30580-77
Che-exp.,compl.chemicals, 10 sets 30580-88
Chemicals for demo experiments chemistry, complete set 30590-88
Exp.chem.demo,chemicals suppl. 30591-88
Exp.chem.demo,basic chemicals 30592-88
Chemicals 30815-65
Identifying cations with a flame test P7511200
The solubility products of silver halides P7401700
TESS advanced Analytic Chemistry, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13439-88
TESS advanced Electrochemical measurement set, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 30505-10
TESS advanced Chemistry Acids, Bases, Salts, consumables and chemicals for 10 groups 13436-88
The influence of quantity on the intensity of radiation P7300400
XR 4.0 LI X-ray system, complete set 09257-77
Examination of salts with Cobra SMARTsense P7300369
The influence of quantity on the intensity of radiation with Cobra SMARTsense P7300469

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