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Precision Balance, Sartorius, 620 g : 1 mg

Precision Balance, Sartorius, 620 g : 1 mg

Item no.: 49311-99

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Every Sartorius balance offers quality, value and consistency. No matter what you're weighing, a new Entris® II balance is always the right choice. Entris® II balance features isoCAL, LED touch technology and 12 built-in applications. Backed by almost 150 years of German engineering expertise, you'll easily find an Entris® II balance which exactly meets your specific weighing needs.



  • Highly accurate results year in year out - guaranteed via Monolithic weigh cell technology invented by Sartorius
  • Fastest stabilization time in its class - using state-of-the-art weighing sensors
  • Best repeatability - with rectangular weighing pan
  • Overload protection - rugged design weighs up to a pre-set amount
  • High chemical resistance - ensured using parts made from hard wearing polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), stainless steel and glass
  • Optimal accuracy and operating convenience - using fully automated temperature and time-controlled calibration and adjustment features unique to this weighing clas


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