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Preferential temperature in insects

Preferential temperature in insects

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The temperature requirements of animals with regard to their environment differ widely: they vary from temperatures just below 0°C for arctic and antarctic animals to temperatures of around 50°C for desert animals and animals from hot springs. Within these limits many species prefer one range: the preferential temperature. Using their thermoreceptors the animals recognize the temperature which suits them, gather in an area at the corresponding temperature (thermotaxis) and thus show their preferred temperature.


  • Precise measurement possible with 12 different temperatures
  • Allows to set up a wide temperature range
  • In the ring-shaped measurement setup the animals can migrate in both directions at each measurement point
  • Experimental setup can also be used for plant growth experiments


  1. Test the temperature demands of different poikilothermic animal species
  2. Produce a temperature gradient between approximately 45°C and 10°C using a ring-shaped temperature organ
  3. Record the positions of the individual animals

What you can learn about

  • Temperature optimum
  • Poikilothermic animals
  • Thermotaxis
  • Phototaxis
  • Thigmotaxis
  • Torpor
  • Environmental requirements
  • Geographical seperation
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