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Projectile motion with measure Dynamics

Projectile motion with measure Dynamics

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A steel sphere is launched by a ballistic unit and the resulting trajectory is filmed with the aid of a video camera. The "measure Dynamics" software is used to demonstrate the dependence of the trajectory on the launching angle and on the initial velocity, and to determine the range and height of the trajectory. In addition, the resulting trajectory is integrated into the video, followed by a discussion of the course of the velocity.


  • Learn a classic method to determine a projectile's velocity
  • See how to utilize conservation laws for finding "hard to get" quantities
  • Immediate evaluation with the included velocity measurement Magnetic mount of the different projectiles
  • Quick and easy set-up for universal and modular use
  • Equipment also suitable for demonstration experiments


  1. Determination of the trajectory.
  2. Determination of the launching angle.
  3. Determination of the initial velocity.
  4. Determination of the range.
  5. Determination of the maximum height.
  6. Integration of the trajectory into the video.
  7. Integration of the velocity vectors into the video.

What you can learn about

  • Trajectory parabola
  • Motion involving uniform acceleration
  • Ballistics
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