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RC filters

RC filters

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Resistor-Capacitor (RC) circuits serve as filters for frequencies. The frequency response of the most commonly used RC filters is recorded by point-by-point measurements as well as the frequency sweep method, and displayed on the oscilloscope. The results are plotted and verified using the measure analysis software.


  • Investigate several types of frequency filters
  • High-resistance inputs of the difference amplifier allow measurements without influencing the electrical behaviour of the circuit
  • Easy frequency setting thanks to digital function generator


  1. Record the frequency response of the output voltage of 
  • a high-pass filter
  • a low-pass filter
  • a band-pass filter
  • a Wien-Robinson bridge
  • a parallel-T filter, point by point and to display the sweep on the oscilloscope. Investigate the step response of
  • a differentiating network
  • an integrating network.

    2.  Analyse and verify the measurements using the measure analysis software.

What you can learn about

  • High-pass
  • Low-pass
  • Wien-Robinson bridge
  • Parallel-T filters
  • Differentiating network
  • Integrating network
  • Step response
  • Square wave
  • Transfer function
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