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TESS Electrochemical measurement set digital

TESS Electrochemical measurement set digital

Item no.: 30505-88D

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Function and Applications

Equipment set for carrying out 23 student experiments on the topics:

  • Preliminary tests (3 experiments)
  • Electrochemical cells and potentials (14 experiments)
  • Protection against corrosion and energy storage (6 experiments)

In 21 experiments, you can use the Cobra SMARTsense Voltage and Current sensors in combination with tablets (iOS and Android) and smartphones (Android) instead of the classic measuring device.


  • The ideal combination of classic experiments and digital data acquisition
  • Individual teaching structure possible: you can decide on the instrument you want (classic or digital)
  • Future-proof: Prepare the transition to the digital school today
  • Perfectly matched to digital science lessons with tablets and smartphones
  • Faster and higher learning success: The use of digital devices increases the motivation of the students
  • Experimenting literature for pupils and teachers available: minimal preparation time
  • Matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered
  • Set developed by pedagogues for introduction into electrochemistry

Equipment and Technical Data

  • The device set consists of all components necessary for the tests
  • Cobra SMARTsense Voltage: Measuring range: +/- 30 V, resolution: 0.02 V, sampling rate: 800 Hz
  • Cobra SMARTsense Current: Measuring range: +/- 1 A, resolution: 0.5 mA, sampling rateMotor, 2 V, with disc and marking point 11031-00

Necessary accessories

TESS advanced Chemistry Electrochemical measurement set EC necessary accessories for 1 group  (13422-88)


TESS advanced Electrochemical measurement set EC, consumable and chemicals for 10 groups (30505-10)

Set electrode materials for TESS Electrochemical measurement set without chemicals (30506-88)

Optional accessories

  • Cover for electrochemical measuring set (11935-10)
  • Electrochemical measuring set handbook 01194-02

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