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Screen, white, 150x150 mm

Screen, white, 150x150 mm

Item no.: 09826-00

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Function and Applications

For student experiment with the support optical bench.

Equipment and technical data

  • Both-sided white screen on stem.
  • Length of stem: 30 mm.
  • Diameter of stem: 12 mm.
Experiment Item no.
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Light, Air, Earth 13244-88
Student set Optics 2, TESS advanced Physics 15277-88
The pinhole camera P1067500
Illuminance (inverse square law) P1067700
Projected image with a concave mirror P1067800
Law of imagery for a concave mirror P1067900
Determining the magnification of a concave mirror P1068000
Images in a convex mirror P1068100
Image obtained with a convex lens P1068200
Determining the focal length of a convex lens P1068300
Law of imagery for a convex lens P1068400
Determining the magnification of a concave lens P1068500
Image obtained with a concave P1068600
Pincushion an barrel distortion P1068700
The magnifying glass P1068800
Determining the magnification of a microscope P1069000
The astronomical telescope P1069100
The Galilean telescope P1069200
The depth of focus of a camera P1069500
The slide projector P1069600
Diffraction at a grid P1069700
Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction P1069800
Polarisation with filters P1069900
Rotation of the polarisation plane with a sugar solution P1070000
Fresnel's double mirror experiment P1195000
Fresnel's biprism experiment P1195100
Young's double slit experiment P1195200
Newton's rings P1195300
Diffraction at a grating P1195900
Polarisation by filters P1196800
Polarisation by strain double refraction (birefringence) P1196900
Chromatic polarisation P1197000
Polarisation by dispersion P1197300
Rotation of the polarisation plane in a sugar solution P1197700
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel biprism P1411301
Michelson interferometer - High Resolution P2220900
Magnetostriction with the Michelson interferometer P2430800
What a lens can do P9112100
Fourier optics - 2f arrangement P2261101
Determination of the focal len P1410403
The Microscope P1436203
Quantum eraser with the Mach-Zehnder interferometer P2220810
DEMO advanced physics set: Geometrical Optics on the optica 15560-88
Determination of the focal lengths of divergent lenses and P1410503
Diffraction at a slit and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle P2230101
Fabry-Perot interferometer - optical resonator modes P2221210
Michelson interferometer - High Resolution P2220910
Magnetostriction with the Michelson interferometer P2430810
Diffraction intensity of multiple slits and grids P2230401

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