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  • Set rectification plant, 230 V
  • Set rectification plant, 230 V
Set rectification plant, 230 V Set rectification plant, 230 V

Set rectification plant, 230 V

Item no.: 35918-88

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Function and Applications

Distillation plant with a height of 235 cm to the demonstration and processing the principles of countercurrent-distillation (phase equilibrium of muticomponent systems) or to the preparative separation of mixtures difficult to separate


This set allows to execute the measurements in a didactical clear and easy way:

  • complete insight into all running processes, because all components have an evacuated, but not silvered isolating-coat
  • high separation efficiency through 2 large packed columns ( h = 400 mm)
  • simple withdrawal of samples through 2 column intermediate pieces
  • secure, because the high-efficiency condensor of the column head also condense high-volatile liquids
  • simple adjustment of thereflux ratio's through onehand-controlled column head

Equipment and technical Data

  • It will be delivered complete with tripod material and all necessary small hardware items.
  • 6 l four-neck flask
  • electrical heating hood
  • power regulator
  • 2 packed columns
  • packing bodys (wire mesh rings)
  • 2 column intermediate pieces
  • Column head
  • separate product condensor
  • rack system for the set-up of the plant
  • small hardware items
  • CD with literature

Temperature measuring instruments are not included.


Data acquisition set for recording temperatures.

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