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Slide mount for optical bench

Slide mount for optical bench

Item no.: 09822-00

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Function and Applications

To hold devices with stem on the support optical bench.

Equipment and technical data

  • Form base with line mark.
  • Fitting to devices with stem diameter of 12 mm.
  • Also fitting to profile-benches (08370.00) and (08371.00).
Experiment Item no.
Speed of Light Meter 11226-99
Speed of Light Meter Set 11226-88
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Light, Air, Earth 13244-88
Student set Optics 2, TESS advanced Physics 15277-88
Day and night P1067100
The seasons P1067200
The phases of the moon P1067300
Solar and lunar eclipses (with the earth-moon model) P1067400
The pinhole camera P1067500
Luminous intensity (photometer) P1067600
Illuminance (inverse square law) P1067700
Projected image with a concave mirror P1067800
Law of imagery for a concave mirror P1067900
Determining the magnification of a concave mirror P1068000
Images in a convex mirror P1068100
Image obtained with a convex lens P1068200
Determining the focal length of a convex lens P1068300
Law of imagery for a convex lens P1068400
Determining the magnification of a concave lens P1068500
Image obtained with a concave P1068600
Pincushion an barrel distortion P1068700
The magnifying glass P1068800
Determining the magnification of a microscope P1069000
The astronomical telescope P1069100
The Galilean telescope P1069200
The depth of focus of a camera P1069500
The slide projector P1069600
Diffraction at a grid P1069700
Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction P1069800
Polarisation with filters P1069900
Rotation of the polarisation plane with a sugar solution P1070000
Fresnel's double mirror experiment P1195000
Fresnel's biprism experiment P1195100
Young's double slit experiment P1195200
Newton's rings P1195300
Diffraction at an edge P1195400
Diffraction at a slit P1195500
Diffraction at a narrow obstacle (line) - Babinet's princip-le P1195600
Diffraction at a double slit P1195700
Diffraction at multiple slits P1195800
Diffraction at a grating P1195900
Determination of the wavelength by grid diffraction P1196000
Coherence condition P1196100
Diffraction at a crossed grating P1196200
Diffraction at circular apertures P1196300
Diffraction at a system of circular apertures of equal size P1196400
Resolving power of optical devices P1196500
Resolving power of the microscope P1196600
Spectral resolving power of a grating P1196700
Polarisation by filters P1196800
Chromatic polarisation P1197000
Polarisation by reflection P1197100
Polarisation by refraction P1197200
Polarisation by dispersion P1197300
Brewster's law P1197600
Rotation of the polarisation plane in a sugar solution P1197700
Determination of the wavelength of a laser with an optical grating P1410901
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel biprism P1411301
Generation of interferences with a Fresnel double mirror P1411401
Lloyd's mirror experiment P1411501
Diffraction at a slit P1411801
Diffraction at a double slit P1411901
Diffraction at multiple slits P1412001
Diffraction at a stripe - Babinet's theorem P1412101
Diffraction at circular obstacles and circular apertures - P1412201
Diffraction at an edge P1412301
Determination of the plane of oscillation of a polarised la-ser beam - Malus' law P1412401
Night and day P9112000
What a lens can do P9112100
Storage of electrical energy of a solar cell with the aid ofa rechargeable battery P9511800
Influence of surface on the absorption of solar energy P9513200
Influence of insulation on the absorption of solar energy P9513300
Heating water in a solar collector P9513500
Thermal insulation of houses and thermal imaging P9513600
Thermal radiation and greenhouse effect P9513700
Electrical energy from wind energy P9515100
Influence of wind speed P9515200
Influence of wind direction P9515300
Wind energy under load P9515400
Influence of number of rotor blades P9515500
Storage of electrical energy from wind energy with the aid of a rechargeable battery P9515600
Storage of the electric energy won from wind energy in a capacitor P9515700
Current-voltage characteristic of the wind wheel P9515800
Wind-hydrogen system P9516400
Pumping water using solar energy P9518100
Pumping water using wind energy P9518200
Efficiency of the pump in the conversion of electric energy to potential energy P9518300
How heating is influenced by the position of the absorber in the parabolic trough P9519200
Determination of the focal len P1410403
DEMO advanced physics set: Diffraction and interference on t 15565-88
Determination of the focal lengths of divergent lenses and P1410503
Real images at a convergent le P1435803
The pinhole camera P1435003
The Microscope P1436203
DEMO advanced physics set: Geometrical Optics on the optica 15560-88
The structure of a microscope P1068900
The camera P1069400
Polarisation by strain double refraction (birefringence) P1196900
Student Set Sun, earth and moon 15249-88
Dispersion of white light into its spectral colours (on theoptical bench) P1436303
Coulor mixing in experiments P1437000
Day and Night P9600000
Lenghts of day and night P9600100
Position of the moon P9600200
Solar and lunar eclipse P9600300
The seasons P9600400
Earth's orbit P9600700

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