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  • Smart grid set, leXsolar
  • Smart grid set, leXsolar
  • Smart grid set, leXsolar
  • Smart grid set, leXsolar
Smart grid set, leXsolar Smart grid set, leXsolar Smart grid set, leXsolar Smart grid set, leXsolar

Smart grid set, leXsolar

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Function and Applications

The complete set allows the construction of a smart grid with a variety of renewable energy sources on a laboratory scale. It is possible to choose different energy generation profiles and observe their effects on the system. The various storage units and consumers make for a complex smart grid and a multitude of possible scenarios to analyze. The energy flows within the smart grid can be read from the displays of the smartmeters directly. All necessary components for measuring and control are already included. The package includes wind and solar power as well as fuel cell, storage technology and e-mobility components and, thus, also the foundation for a variety of basic experiments.


  • Fully equipped experiment system for a variety of renewable energy technologies (solar,wind, fuel cell, storage technogy, e-mobilty)
  • Setup of a complete smart grid in the lab
  • Generation of different energy source and load profiles
  • All necessary equipment already included

Equipment and Technical Data

In the transport case (dimensions: 64 x 37 x 17 cm) all items to perform the following experiments are provided so that no additional accessories are needed:

  • Basic experiments covering photovoltaics, wind energy, fuel cells, storage technologies, e-mobility
  • Performance fluctuations
  • Reasons and consequences of oversupply and shortage in the electricity grid
  • Energy supply of a household
  • Charging and discharging of an electrical energy storage
  • Supply of a storage and a load by a solar power plant and a wind power plant
  • Grid instability due to decentralilzed energy generation
  • Efficient energy transmission with temperature control of the power line

Scope of delivery:

  • Measurement module to measure current and voltage
  • Many other modules: potentiometer, diode, bulb, motor, solar module
  • Wind machine, wind turbine, wind rotor set
  • Reversible fuel cell
  • Electric model car
  • Power supply
  • Additional accessories
  • Download key for detailed student and teacher guides


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