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  • Software interTESS Physics, Mechanics, DVD
  • Software interTESS Physics, Mechanics, DVD
Software interTESS Physics, Mechanics, DVD Software interTESS Physics, Mechanics, DVD

Software interTESS Physics, Mechanics, DVD

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Function and Applications

The software interTESS is an interactive software tool for supporting teachers as well as students in the set up, performance and evaluation of experiments from PHYWE's TESS program (Training and Experimental System for Students, in total more than 1000 student experiments available). The age-based teaching approach together with a computer interface for PC-based data collection, interTESS offers a real computer-based learning.

The experiments are available in up to 11 languages on DVD (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Arabic, Russian, Turkish).

  • Experiments become more attractive. Future kids grow up with computers. With interTESS, the fascination of the PC can be transferred to physics.
  • Save valuable teaching time. The software supports the student during the experimental setup, action and evaluation. The teacher can assist the students individually.
  • Step-by-step experimentation ensures maximum learning effectiveness. The interTESS software guides the users through the experiments. Detailed descriptions help for a better understanding. The measurement results can be entered in tabulars, graphs are generated automatically.
  • Easy evaluation of student performance. A large variety of questions can be answered using multiple choice, by drawing sketches or as text. Also possible as homework on the students PCs.
  • Teacher Tool minimizes preparation time. The teacher tool offers password-protected access to sample-solutions.

What you can learn about

In total more than 600 experiments described in english.

  • Physics: 341 experiments (Mechanics 75, Thermodynamics 34, Optics 99, Electrics/Electronics 74, Electrostatics/Magnetism/Electrical fields 32, Optics/Atomic Physics 16, Radioactivity 11)
  • Chemistry: 193 experiments (General Chemistry 25, Inorganic Chemistry 35, Acids, Bases, Salts 32, Organic Chemistry 35, Polymer Chemistry 26, Food Chemistry 40)
  • Biology: 41 experiments (Plants & animals 5, Plant growth 15, Environment 2, Respiration & Blood 1, Sense organs 6, Reproduction 1, Food and digestion 11)
  • Applied Sciences: 53 experiments (Renewable Energy)

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Content: 1 DVD
  • 75 experiment descriptions for Physics: Mechanics
  • System requirements: MinimumPentium III, 500 MHz, 64 MB RAM, DVD drive, Windows XP or higher, RedHat Enterprise Linux up to version 7, Ubuntu up to version 12.04, Mac OS X up to version 10.11


  • PHYWE TESS (Training and Experimental System for Students)
  • Single versions available for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Applied Science, as well as topic-related versions for Optics, Mechanics etc. (see article list below).
Experiment Item no.
Measurement of length P0998100
Measurement of time P0998200
Determination of the mass of solid and liquid bodies P0998300
Determination of the volume of regular and irregular bodies P0998400
Determination of the density of solid bodies P0998500
Determination of the density of liquids P0998600
Measurement of forces P0998800
Force and reaction P0998900
Weight P0999000
Hooke's law P0999100
Bending of a leaf spring P0999200
Calibration of a dynamometer P0999300
Force aligned in the same and opposite direction P0999400
Combination of forces; parallelogram of forces P0999500
Force on a pulley mounting P0999700
Finding the center of gravity P0999800
Stability P0999900
Reaction forces for an unloaded beam P1000000
Reaction forces for a loaded beam P1000100
Restoring force on a displaced pendulum P1000200
Friction P1000300
Coefficient of friction P1000400
Beam balance P1000500
Double-sided lever P1000600
One-sided lever P1000700
Force and displacement on a fixed pulley P1000800
Force and displacement on a free pulley P1000900
Block and tackle formed from a free and a fixed pulley P1001000
Block and tackle with four pulleys P1001100
Force and displacement on a step wheel P1001200
Gear mechanisms and belt drives P1001300
Potential energy and tension energy P1001500
Power P1001600
Joined vessels P1001700
Hydrostatic pressure P1001800
Buoyancy and floating P1001900
Archimedes' principle P1002000
Finding the density of solid bodies by measuring the buoyan-cy P1002100
Finding the density of liquids using a densimeter P1002200
Finding the density of immiscible liquids P1002300
Capillary action P1002400
Boyle-Mariotte law P1002500
Pumps and siphons P1002600
Helical spring pendulum P1002700
Thread pendulum (mathematical pendulum) P1002800
Oscillations of a leaf spring P1002900
Damping P1003000
Forced oscillation and resonance P1003100
Displacement-time recording P1003200
Reversible pendulum (physical pendulum) P1003300
Coupled pendulum systems P1003400
Uniform linear motion with thetimer 2-1 P1003505
Comparison of uniform and non-uniform motion with the 2-1timer P1003605
Instantaneous and average speed with the 2-1 timer P1003705
Laws of uniform linear motion with the 2-1 timer P1003805
Laws of uniformly acceleration motion with the 2-1 timer P1003905
Potential and kinetic energy with the 2-1 timer P1004005
Free fall with the 2-1 timer P1004105
Newton's law: acceleration as a function of force with the 2-1 timer P1004205
Newton's law: acceleration as a function of mass with the 2-1 timer P1004305
Impulse with the 2-1 timer P1004405

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