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Solar ray collector

Solar ray collector

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The solar ray collector is illuminated with a halogen lamp of known light intensity. The heat energy absorbed by the collector can be calculated from the volume flow and the difference in the water temperatures at the inlet and outlet of the absorber, if the inlet temperature stays almost constant by releasing energy to a reservoir. The efficiency of the collector is determined from this. The measurement is made with various collector arrangements and at various absorber temperatures.


  • Complete solution to study all aspects of thermal energy using a solar ray collector
  • Covers one of the most important and highly visible technologies in renewable energy


To determine the efficiency of the solar ray collector under various experimental conditions.

  • Absorption of energy from the environment (20 °C) without illumination by sun or halogen lamp, water temperature at the absorber inlet T


    ; 5 °C.
  1. Absorber with insulation and glassplate (complete collector).
  2. Absorber alone (energy ceiling).
  • Illumination with halogen lamp. Water temperature T


    ; 20 °C.
  1. Complete collector.
  2. Collector without glass plate.
  • Illumination with halogen lamp. Water temperature T


    ; 50 °C.
  1. Complete collector.
  2. Complete collector, under cold air conditions.
  3. Collector without glass plate.
  4. Collector without glass plate, under cold air conditions.

What you can learn about

  • Absorption
  • Heat radiation
  • Greenhouse effect
  • Convection
  • Conduction of heat
  • Collector equations
  • Efficiency
  • Energy ceiling
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