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  • Brick'R'knowledge Solar set
  • Brick'R'knowledge Solar set
Brick'R'knowledge Solar set Brick'R'knowledge Solar set

Brick'R'knowledge Solar set

Item no.: BRK-133574

Brick 'R' knowledge
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Function and Applications

The Brick'R'knowledge Solar Set guarantees fun with experiments for students on a level which introduces renewable energies in a playful and easy way. How does a solar cell work? How can an accumulator store energy? How can you build a night light with a motion detector? These questions and many more will be answered with the set.


  • Generate and store electrical energy for supplying your Brick'R'knowledge projects
  • Numerous accessories for real-life applications, like charging your mobile phone and supply a fan with electrical power
  • Save to use and robust
  • Special plug contacts of the bricks to easily realise circuits with solid electric contacts
  • Screen-printed electric symbols on top of each brick
  • No additional material required

Equipment and Technical Data

The following projects can be realised with numerous variants which are documented in the user manual in detail:

  • Supply LEDs with electrical energy
  • Run a portable fan
  • Motion detector, Bewegungsmelder, buzzer and alarm system
  • Morse circuit
  • Charging an accumulator and using it for mobile applications

The stable storage box includes the following bricks which can be easily attached to one another:

Button, switch, potentiometer, 5-pole clip to connect other circuit elements, buzzer, transistor p-MOS, USB charging brick to charge mobile phones etc. (output: 5V), high power LED, RGB LED, passive infrared technology motion detector, short-circuit-proof acccumulator with charging electronics (adjustable to 9V with 750 mA / 12V with 500 mA), solar brick with voltage regulator (12 V constant output voltage), 10 m 2-wire cable, flexible LED lamp, fan, big solar panel, ground brick to realise closed circuits easily and to reduce the number of necessary connections, numerous connecting bricks.

The 40-page user manual is available as a downloadable PDF.






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