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Solar battery, 4 cells, with c

Solar battery, 4 cells, with c

Item no.: 06752-22

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Function and Applications

To investigate characteristics of solarbattery and supply devices with approx. 2 V and to perform student experiments in the field of renewable energy.


  • easy and comprehensive experimentation in the field of renewable energy
  • compatibility to other energy sources and appliancesdue to standard 4 mm connectors
  • acrylic glass frame for cell protection

Equipment and Technical Data

  • four monocrystalline silicon cells in series connection
  • connecting cables with 4 mm connectors
  • dust-protected and scratch-proof due to acrylic glass frame
  • effective voltage 2V
  • max. current 838 mA
  • power 1.568 W
  • external dimensions (mm) 170 x 105 x 7

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