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Spoon, with spatula end, 180 mm, plastic

Spoon, with spatula end, 180 mm, plastic

Item no.: 38833-00

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Spoon for weighing solids



  • glass fiber reinforced polyamide
  • Length: 180 mm
Experiment Item no.
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
Student set General biology, TESS advanced Biology 15296-88
Thermal convection in liquids and gases P1043300
Melting and freezing curve of sodium thiosulphate P1044600
Distillation P1045000
Heat of solution P1045200
Freezing point depression (freezing mixture) P1045300
Boiling point elevation P1045400
The connection between voltage and current in conductiveprocesses in liquids P1353900
Conductivity of aqueous solutions of electrolytes P1396900
The connection between current and voltage in conductiveprocesses in liquids P1397000
Electrolysis P1397100
Galvanisation P1397200
Galvanic cells P1397300
The lead accumulator P1397400
Polarimetry P2250200
Microbial decomposition of mineral oil P4100900
Conditions necessary for germination of seeds P8010600
Water supply of plants P8011700
The chalk content of the soil P8012100
Foods and nutrients P8012200
Starch containing nutrients P8012300
Sugar containing nutrients P8012400
Protein containing nutrients P8012600
Digestion in the mounth P8012700
Digestion in the stomach P8012800
Digestible and indesgestible protein P8012900
The function of the bile P8013000
Digestion in the intestine P8013100
Digestible and indigestible fats P8013200
The combination of the senses of the taste and smell P8013500
The sense of taste P8013600
Protein containing nutrients P1256101
Melting and freezing curve of P1044668
Melting and freezing of sodium thiosulphate with Cobra SMARTsense P1044669
DEMO advanced Electricity necessary accessories 15570-01
Conductivity of aqueous solutions of electrolytes P1374900
Connection between voltage and current in conductive proces-ses in liquids P1375000
Electrolysis P1375100
Galvanisation P1375200

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