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Spring balance,transparent, 2 N

Spring balance,transparent, 2 N

Item no.: 03065-03

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Function and Applications

Spring balance for quantitative determination of forces and for demonstration of the function.

Equipment and technical data

  • In transparent casing with eye and load hook.
  • Colour code: light green.
  • With zero adjustment and overload protection.
  • Length: 10.5 cm.
  • Scale subdivision: 0.02 N.
  • Precision: +/- 2 %.
Experiment Item no.
Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15271-88
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Motion 13232-88
Measurement of forces P0998800
Force and reaction P0998900
Combination of forces; parallelogram of forces P0999500
Force on a pulley mounting P0999700
Reaction forces for an unloaded beam P1000000
Reaction forces for a loaded beam P1000100
Friction P1000300
Double-sided lever P1000600
One-sided lever P1000700
Force and displacement on a fixed pulley P1000800
Force and displacement on a free pulley P1000900
Block and tackle formed from a free and a fixed pulley P1001000
Block and tackle with four pulleys P1001100
Force and displacement on a step wheel P1001200
Potential energy and tension energy P1001500
Archimedes' principle P1002000
Finding the density of solid bodies by measuring the buoyan-cy P1002100
Centrifugal force P2131601
The two-sided lever P9152200
Save energy, use pulleys P9152300
Set Mechanical devices in everyday use, TESS beginner Sciences 15239-88
Force reduction with a two-sided lever P6104100
Force reduction with a one-sided lever P6104200
Force and counterforce with Cobra SMARTsense P6103269
Types of friction P1421100
Sliding friction as a function of the weight and area of bearing P1421200
Buoyancy - dependence on the density of the liquid (withsupport material) P1424502
Mechanical hysteresis P2120300
Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus P2133000
Moments of inertia and torsional vibrations P2133100
Force aligned in the same and opposite direction P0999400
Force and counterforce P6103200

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