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3D printing is rapidly increasing in importance for industry appliances like prototyping or as an additive production process, thus also getting more relevant in education. But 3D printers also offer many unique advantages for use in class. They can be utilized in many subjects at school, promote essential capabilities and are highly involving for students.

PHYWE offers a hand-picked selection of devices for STEM education and vocational schools. The Snapmaker 3-in-1 for example stands out because of its versatility. Other criteria are print speed, precision and usability.

Also important for education purposes is whether there are printing templates freely available online that are are ready-to-use and can be applied without additional effort by the teacher. This is the case for all 3D printers in PHYWE's product range. The best print material for schools are filaments made of polylactate (PLA) because it is easy to use and a biodegradable biopolymer free of contaminants and heavy metals. See below for available colours at PHYWE.

Comparison of available 3d printers

Simo 3D Mini 2Panospace Onefischertechnik 3D-PrinterSnapmaker 3-in-1Witbox 2Dobot Magician
Simo 3D Mini 2Panospace Onefischertechnik 3D-PrinterSnapmaker 3-in-1Witbox 2Dobot Magician
"The Handworker""The Fast One""The Tinkerer""The Multifunctional""The Professional""The Allrounder"
UseTo create delicate objects. Four different functions. Ideal for first-time contact with 3D printingEasy handling, results in a short timeLearn how to build a 3D printerVersatile, precise printing. Incl. additional laser engraving and CNC carving moduleProfessional 3D printing (with auto-calibration of the print bed). Fast printing of large modelsMultifunctional robotic arm for 3D printing, writing and drawing to simulate industrial processes
Calibration (nozzle)not necessarysemi-automaticmanuellsemi-automaticautomaticsemi-automatic
Volume (mm) - 3D print productopen-end150 x 150 x 150115 x 100 x 65125 x 125 x 125290 x 210 x 200150 x 150 x 150
Min. layer resolution (mm)-
Print travel speed-150 mm/s37 mm/s100 mm/s200 mm/s50 mm/s
Nozzle diameter (mm)
Supported materialPLA 1.75 mmPLA 1.75 mmPLA 1.75 mmPLA 1,75 mm, other materialPLA 1.75 mm, other materialPLA
File transferUSBSD-card, USBUSBSD-card, USBSD-card, USBUSB, WiFi
Set-uppencomplete setupdo-it-yourself construction (890 parts)modular setup (only few parts)complete setupcomplete setup
Work areaopensemi-closedopenopenclosedopen
Additional functionsCutting, soldering, burning--CNC carving, laser engraving-Gripping, vaccum pump, drawing
Size (mm)230 mm x 155 mm x 60 mm407 x 288 x 333465 x 390 x 160335 x 298 x 272508 x 393 x 461330 x 325 x 410
Weight (kg)0.5 kg7,86,39318
Alternative, lower-cost model availablexxxSNP-3D (2-in-1 version)xALL-146575 (without WiFi and joystick)
Item no.ALL-149878ALL-147271FIS-536624SNP-3D3ALL-146640ALL-146573

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