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Student set Soil examination, TESS advanced Biology

Student set Soil examination, TESS advanced Biology

Item no.: 30836-88

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Function and Applications

Case with material for 6 work groups to investigate the 18 most important soil parameters.


  • Easy to perform analyses using rapid test indicator sticks
  • Problem-oriented investigative methods to determine soil acidification, lime requirement, nitrogen supply, soil compaction, etc.
  • The case can be used by 6 works groups working in tandem
  • Determine the following parameters: soil profile (soil horizons, soil type), mineral matter (stone content, fine earth content, soil texture), body of humus (humus content, humus type), water/ air (soil moisture, water capacity, water permeability rate, utilisable water capacity), soil structure (soil compaction, aggregate stability/ tilth), acidity (pH value, lime content), nutrients (nitrate content of soil, nitrate content of fruit and vegetables), soil life (soil animals).
  • Includes detailed instruction manual

Equipment and Technical Data

Transport case made of metal with instruments and accessories:

  • Soil compaction measurement probe
  • Pans for picking up and measure samples
  • Portable balance
  • Trough, measuring tape, spring balance, brush
  • Beaker with magnifying glass
  • Snap-cap vials, laboratory beakers, rubber stopppers
  • Glass tubes, dropping bottle, square bottles
  • Wire gauze, flat plastic sacks
  • Petri dishes, funnels, graduated cylinder
  • Round filters
  • Rapid test indicator sticks nitrate, nitrite, pH
  • 65 page manual


TESS advanced Examination of soil consumables for 10 groups 30836-10



Title Item no.
Required Accessories
TESS Examination of soil consumables for 10 groups 30836-10
Optional Accessories
Soil auger 64221-01

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