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Students thermometer,-10...+110°C, l = 180 mm

Students thermometer,-10...+110°C, l = 180 mm

Item no.: 38005-02

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Function and Applications

Students thermometer

Equipment and technical data:

  • Meausring range: -10...+110°C
  • Length: 180 mm


Experiment Item no.
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
Student set Inorganic chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15301-88
Student set Chemistry of polymers, TESS advanced Chemistry 15305-88
Student set Food chemistry, TESS advanced Chemistry 15306-88
Student set General biology, TESS advanced Biology 15296-88
Student set Water, TESS beginner Sciences 15233-88
Heat sensitivity of the skin P1042100
Thermal equilibrium P1042200
Calibration of a thermometer (thermometer model) P1042300
Temperature measurement with a thermocouple P1042400
Linear expansion of metals P1042900
Thermal conduction coefficient of metals P1043200
Absorption of thermal radiation P1043500
Temperature of mixed liquids P1044000
Heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044100
Evaporation P1045100
Detection of quinine in tonic water P1259800
Vapour pressure of water below 100°C - molar heat of vaporisation P2340200
Solubility of gases in water P7154700
Solubility of salts in water - comparison with the solubili-ty of gases in water P7154900
Processing of gypsum P7155800
Absorption of minerals by plants P7156100
Hazardousness of concentrated sulphuric acid P7157100
Ammonia- comparison of gas and aqueous solutions P7158750
Preparation and properties of sodium hydroxide solution P7159000
The decomposition of naturally occuring polymers: The decompsition of starch P7180200
The composition of fats P7185600
The water content of fatty products P7185700
Lactose P7187100
Detection of starch P7187200
Composition of starch P7187400
Pectins P7187600
Enzymatic cleavage of proteins P7188800
Germination and temperature P8010900
Digestion in the stomach P8012800
Digestible and indesgestible protein P8012900
Digestion in the intestine P8013100
Digestible and indigestible fats P8013200
Equipment 69815-65
Emittance of hot bodies (Leslie cube) P2350400
Melting-point lowering and boiling-point elevation P7152400
Student set Acids, Bases, Salts, TESS advanced Chemistry 15302-88
Student Set Body and health 15247-88

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