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Study of the alpha energies of Ra-226 with MCA

Study of the alpha energies of Ra-226 with MCA

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An alpha-spectrometer, consisting of a silicon surface barrier layer detector, a preamplifier, a pulse height analyser and a recording device for registration of the spectra is calibrated by means of an open alpha-emitter of known alpha-energy (241Am). The energy spectrum of a radium source which is in equilibrium with its decay products, is recorded and evaluated. The alpha-energies found in this way are allocated to the corresponding nuclides of the radium decay series.


  1. The alpha-spectrum of the 226Ra is recorded, the settings of the pulse analyzer (amplification) and recorder (x and y input sensitivity) being selected so as to make best possible use of the recording width.
  2. The calibration spectrum of the open 241Am-emitter is recorded at the same settings.
  3. The alpha-energies corresponding to the individual peaks of the alpha spectrum of the radium are calculated and, on the assumption of a constant energy loss in the source covering, the alpha-active nuclides of the radium decay series corresponding to the individual peaks are determined on the basis of the values in the literature.

What you can learn about

  • Decay series
  • Radioactive equilibrium
  • Isotopic properties
  • Decay energy
  • Particle energy
  • Potential well model of the atomic nucleus
  • Tunnel effect
  • Geiger-Nuttal law
  • Semiconductor
  • Barrier layer
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