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Substrate inhibition of enzymes with Cobra4

Substrate inhibition of enzymes with Cobra4

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Experiment Type: Teacher Experiment, Laboratory Experiment

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The enzymatic hydrolysis of urea in aqueous solution liberates carbon dioxide and ammonia. The ions of these compounds increase the conductivity of the solution. Inhibition of the enzyme by the substrate occures at excessive substrate concentrations.


  • Compact, easily transportable setup
  • For both demonstration and student experiments
  • Flexible experimenting thanks to wireless data transmission
  • Additional experiment in plant physiology and biochemistry can be performed with few modifications
  • Data acquisition with tablets possible
  • With detailed experiment guide


  • Measurement of conductivity to determine the rate of hydrolysis of urea by the enzyme urease at various substrate concentrations

What you can learn about

  • Substrate inhibition
  • Enzymolysis of urea
  • Conductivity-time plot
  • Reaction velocity of enzymatic hydrolysis

Software included. Computer not provided.

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