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Support ring, i.d. 70mm,

Support ring, i.d. 70mm,

Item no.: 37721-01

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Function and Applications
Can be used to hold a wire gauze with a ceramic center or clay triangle on the ring stand.


  • The ring can replace a tripod stand. When attached to the ring stand and covered with a wire gauze or a clay triangle, this iron ring can support glassware during heating.
  • The advantage of a support ring compared to a tripod stand is, that it is possible to adjust the ring to any height and in  this way you can vary the distance of the flame to the wire gauze.

Equipment and technical data

  • support ring of zinc-plated steel
  • shaft diameter: 8 mm
  • shaft length: 220 mm
  • internal diameter of the ring: 70mm


  • 1 stand, eg: retort stand, 210 x 130 mm, h = 500 mm (37692-00)
  • 1 right angle clamp (37697-00)
Title Item no.
Required Accessories
Right angle boss-head clamp 37697-00

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