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Support rod, stainless steel, 500 mm

Support rod, stainless steel, 500 mm

Item no.: 02032-00

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Polished and massive;length 500 mm, diameter 10 mm.

Experiment Item no.
Photosynthesis (measurement of oxygen pressure) with Cobra4 P4110260
Transpiration of leaves with Cobra4 P4110360
Glycolysis (pressure measurement) with Cobra4 P4110460
Enzymatic activity of catalase with Cobra4 P4120660
DEMO advanced Applied Sciences Renewable Energy supplementary set Solar cells, Wind energy, Hydropower 15581-88
Properties of solar cells - dependence on the illuminance P1382600
The current-voltage characteristic of a solar cell P1382700
Series and parallel connection of solar cells - open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current P1382800
Series and parallel connection of solar cells - current-vol-tage characteristics and power ET 5.7 P1382900
Photo diodes P1401200
The Darlington circuit P1402000
Thermal equation of state and critical point P2320400
Partial molar volumes P3020501
Determination of the heat of formation of water P3021501
Determination of the heating value of fuel oil and of the calorific value of olive oil P3021701
Steam distillation P3031251
The effect of gravity and centrifugal force on plants P4050200
Determination of the human visual field P4070200
Time resolving capability of the human eye P4070300
The importance of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis and cellular respiration with Cobra4 P4110660
Electrical energy from wind energy - Influence of wind speed, wind direction and load P9505160
Influence of number of rotor blades P9505260
Storage of the electric energy won from wind energy in a capacitor P9505460
Current-voltage characteristic of a wind wheel P9505560
Filtration stand for 2 funnels 33401-88
Variable g pendulum 02817-00
DEMO advanced Heat necessay acessories 15530-01
DEMO advanced Electronics necessary accessories 15572-01
Resonance frequencies of Helmholtz resonators with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2150864
Induced voltage pulse and Faraday’s law of induction with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2441264
Electric fields and potentials in the plate capacitor P2420100
Magnetic field outside a straight conductor P2430500
Absorption of thermal radiation through black and white bodies P1427801
Detection of radioactive radiation with the Wilson cloudchamber P0482000
Waltenhofen Pendulum P1298500
Forces during the expansion of solid bodies P1427400
Moments P2120100
Propagation of a periodically excited continuous transverse wave P2133200
Adiabatic coefficient of gases - Flammersfeld oscillator P2320500
Capacitance of metal spheres and of a spherical capacitor P2420300
Magnetic field inside a conductor with digital function generator P2430605
Balmer series/ determination of Rydberg's constant P2510700
Atomic spectra of two-electron system: He, Hg P2510800
Internal conversion in 137m Ba with MCA P2524515
Photonuclear cross-section / Compton scattering cross-section P2524615
Enzymatic activity of catalase with Cobra SMARTsense P4120669
Photosynthesis and cellular respiration in plants with Cobra SMARTsense P4110669
Coupled pendula with Cobra4 (advanced version) P2132560
Coupled pendula with measure Dynamics P2132580
Test of human reaction capacity P4070400
Light barrier set for air track 11203-88
DEMO advanced Physics Electromagnetism 2, necessary acessories 25574-01
Transpiration of leaves with Cobra SMARTsense P4110369
Respiration of plants with Cobra SMARTsense P4110769

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