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Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm

Support rod, stainless steel, l = 250 mm, d = 10 mm

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Polished and massive;length 250 mm, diameter 10 mm.

Experiment Item no.
Centripetal force/centrifugal force with Cobra4 P6000660
Ceramic lamp socket E27, with reflector, switch and security 06751-01
Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15271-88
Student set Heat 1, TESS advanced Physics 15274-88
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Heat, 230 V 13236-88
Student set Renewable energy 2, Solar / Water / Wind, TESS advanced Applied Sciences 15288-88
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Motion 13232-88
Gyroscope with 3 axes 02555-00
Set gas laws with glass jacket, 230 V 43003-88
Measurement of time P0998200
Determination of the mass of solid and liquid bodies P0998300
Determination of the volume of regular and irregular bodies P0998400
Determination of the density of solid bodies P0998500
Determination of the density of liquids P0998600
Weight P0999060
Bending of a leaf spring P0999200
Bending of a leaf spring P0999260
Force aligned in the same and opposite direction P0999400
Restoring force on a displaced pendulum P1000200
Beam balance P1000500
One-sided lever P1000700
Force and displacement on a fixed pulley P1000800
Block and tackle formed from a free and a fixed pulley P1001000
Force and displacement on a step wheel P1001200
Archimedes' principle P1002000
Finding the density of liquids using a densimeter P1002200
Finding the density of immiscible liquids P1002300
Capillary action P1002400
Boyle-Mariotte law P1002500
Pumps and siphons P1002600
Helical spring pendulum P1002700
Thread pendulum (mathematical pendulum) P1002800
Oscillations of a leaf spring P1002900
Coupled pendulum systems P1003400
Laws of uniformly acceleration motion with the 2-1 timer P1003905
Thermal equilibrium P1042200
Calibration of a thermometer (thermometer model) P1042300
Temperature measurement with a thermocouple P1042400
Expansion of liquids and gases P1042500
Expansion of air at constant pressure P1042700
Expansion of air at constant volume P1042800
Linear expansion of metals P1042900
Bimetallic principle P1043000
Thermal conduction of solid bodies P1043100
Thermal conduction coefficient of metals P1043200
Absorption of thermal radiation P1043500
Thermal insulation P1043660
Temperature of mixed liquids P1044000
Heat capacity of the calorimeter P1044100
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044400
Conversion of mechanical energy into internal energy P1044460
Heat of evaporation of water P1044800
Heat of condensation of water P1044900
Distillation P1045000
Evaporation P1045100
Evaporation P1045160
Boiling point elevation P1045400
Conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy P1353700
Chladni figures P2150501
Vapour pressure of water at high temperature P2340100
Electric fields and potentials in the plate capacitor P2420100
Conservation of Energy in Reflection and Transmission of Microwaves P2460601
Determination of molar mass using the ideal gas law P3010401
Determination of the heating values of solid and gaseous fuels in a horizontal calorimeter P3021301
Determination of the heat of formation of water P3021501
Determination of the heat of formation for CO2 and CO (Hess' law) P3021601
Hess's law with Cobra4 P3021661
Fractional distillation with the bubble tray column with Cobra4 P3031660
Cracking of hydrocarbons P3110800
Avogadro's law P3111000
The effect of gravity and centrifugal force on plants P4050200
Test of human reaction capacity P4070400
Volumetric measurement of breathing in small animals P4090100
Photosynthesis (bubble counting method) with Cobra4 P4110160
Save energy, use pulleys P9152300
Absorption of thermal radiation (light) P9172000
Thermal conduction in glass and metal P9172200
Thermal conduction in water P9172300
Ice floats – Maximum density of water is 4 °C P9172400
Storage of the electric energy from a solar cell in a capacior P9512100
Solar-hydrogen system P9516300
Pumping water using solar energy P9518100
Pumping water using wind energy P9518200
Efficiency of the pump in the conversion of electric energy to potential energy P9518300
Running water drives a generator P9518400
Heating water using a parabolic trough P9519100
How heating is influenced by the position of the absorber in the parabolic trough P9519200
Model of a parabolic trough field P9519300
Student set Linear Motion with Timer 2-1, Dynamics, TESS adv. Physics 15283-88
Photoelement 08734-00
Si-Photodetector with Amplifier 08735-00
TESS advanced Electronics EB 2 optional accessories for 1 group 13472-88
TESS advanced Electronics EEP 2 optional accessories for 1 group 13479-88
Laws of uniformly acceleration P1003962
Static forces between electric P1432900
Rotary motion by turbulent flow - principle of the alternating current meter P1298700
Buoyancy - dependence on the density of the liquid (withsupport material) P1424502
Modulus of elasticity P2120200
Mechanical hysteresis P2120300
Moment of inertia and angular acceleration with Cobra4 and a precision pivot bearing P2131363
Centrifugal force P2131601
Reversible pendulum P2132200
Torsional vibrations and torsion modulus P2133000
Phase velocity of rope waves P2133300
Vibration of strings P2150100
Mechanical equivalent of heat P2330200
Solar ray collector P2360100
Electric compression heat pump P2360200
Peltier heat pump P2410800
Characteristic curves of a sol P2410901
Determination of the earth's magnetic field P2430100
Magnetic field of single coils / Biot-Savart's law with a teslameter P2430201
Magnetic field of paired coils in a Helmholtz arrangement with a teslameter P2430301
Ferromagnetic hysteresis with Cobra4 P2430760
X-ray fluorescence and Moseley's law P2524715
Hall effect in n- and p-germanium (Teslameter) P2530102
Hall effect in n- and p-germanium (PC) P2530116
Band gap of germanium P2530402
Weight with measureAPP P0999068
Biegung einer Blattfeder mit measureAPP P0999268
Schraubenfederpendel mit measureAPP P1002768
Thermal equilibrium with measureAPP P1042268
Thermal insulation with measureAPP P1043668
Conversion of mechanical energ P1044468
Evaporation with measureAPP P1045168
Evaporation with Cobra SMARTsense P1045169
Conversion of mechanical into internal energy with CobraSMARTsense P1044469
Thermal insulation with Cobra SMARTsense P1043669
Thermal equilibrium with Cobra SMARTsense P1042269
Helical spring pendulum with Cobra SMARTsense P1002769
Hydrostatic pressure with Cobra SMARTsense P1001869
Bending of a leaf spring with Cobra SMARTsense P0999269
Weight with Cobra SMARTsense P0999069
Power P1001600
Electrostatic induction (with an electroscope) P1433001
Index of refraction, dipersion, and resolving power of a prism spectroscope P2210500
Hall effect in metals P2530300
Propagation of Microwaves (Inverse Square Law) P2460403
Conservation of Energy in Reflection and Transmission of Microwaves P2460603
Stefan-Boltzmann's law of radiation with Cobra4 Xpert-Link P2350164
Photosynthesis (bubble counting method) with CobraSMARTsense P4110169
Rotational movement due to eddy currents (DEMO) principle of the alternating current meter P1434605
Moments of inertia and torsional vibrations with CobraSMARTsense P2133167
DEMO advanced Physics Electromagnetism 2, necessary acessories 25574-01
Laws of motion of uniformly accelerated motion with Cobra SMARTsense P1003969

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