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Support rod with hole, stainless steel, 10 cm

Support rod with hole, stainless steel, 10 cm

Item no.: 02036-01

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Function and Applications

E. g. fitting to spring balance holder (03065.20).

Equipment and technical data

  • Polished and massive.
  • Length: 100 mm.
  • Diameter: 10 mm.
  • With transverse hole.
Experiment Item no.
Student set Mechanics 1, TESS advanced Physics 15271-88
DEMO beginner Applied Sciences set Motion 13232-88
Measurement of length P0998100
Measurement of forces P0998800
Force and reaction P0998900
Weight P0999000
Calibration of a dynamometer P0999300
Force aligned in the same and opposite direction P0999400
Combination of forces; parallelogram of forces P0999500
Force on a pulley mounting P0999700
Reaction forces for an unloaded beam P1000000
Reaction forces for a loaded beam P1000100
Force and displacement on a fixed pulley P1000800
Force and displacement on a free pulley P1000900
Block and tackle with four pulleys P1001100
Hydrostatic pressure P1001800
Finding the density of solid bodies by measuring the buoyan-cy P1002100
Capillary action P1002400
Coupled pendulum systems P1003400
Laws of uniformly acceleration motion with the 2-1 timer P1003905
Induced magnetism P1432300
Electrostatic phenomena P1432600
Centrifugal force P2131601
Viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids (rotary viscometer) P2140300
Velocity of sound in air with Universal Counter P2150305
Measurement of the speed of sound in air with Cobra4 P2153060
X-ray fluorescence and Moseley's law P2524715
Temperature dependence of conductivity with Cobra4 P3060560
Conductivity of strong and weak electrolytes with Cobra4 P3060660
Determination of the activity coefficient by a conductivity measurement with Cobra4 P3060862
Electrogravimetric determination of copper P3062201
Calibration of a force measuring instrument P9152100
Save energy, use pulleys P9152300
Student set Linear Motion with Timer 2-1, Dynamics, TESS adv. Physics 15283-88
Electrode holder, slewable 18461-88
Laws of uniformly acceleration P1003962
Electric charge P1432700
The electric charge quantity (with an electroscope) P1432801
Static forces between electric P1432900
Electrostatic induction (with an electroscope) P1433001
Titration of a strong acid with a strong base with Cobra4 P7510562
Titration of a weak acid with a strong basewith Cobra4 P7510762
Titration of a weak acid with a weak base with Cobra4 P7510962
Titration of a buffer solution with a strong acid with Cobra4 P7511562
Titration of a buffer solution with a strong base with Cobra4 P7511662
Experimental confirmation: Henderson-Hasselbalch with Cobra4 P7511762
Titration of an acidic soft drink with a strong base with Cobra4 P7511862
Internal conversion in 137m Ba with MCA P2524515
Photonuclear cross-section / Compton scattering cross-section P2524615
Helical spring pendulum with Cobra SMARTsense P1002769
Bending of a leaf spring P0999200
Friction P1000300
Beam balance P1000500
The density of solid bodies by measuring the buoyancy with Cobra SMARTsense P1002169
Thread oscillation with Cobra SMARTsense P1004769
Laws of motion of uniformly accelerated motion with Cobra SMARTsense P1003969

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