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  • SWIFT 3H-B micro/macro microscope , binocular (M3-B)
  • SWIFT 3H-B micro/macro microscope , binocular (M3-B)
SWIFT 3H-B micro/macro microscope , binocular (M3-B) SWIFT 3H-B micro/macro microscope , binocular (M3-B)

SWIFT 3H-B micro/macro microscope , binocular (M3-B)

Item no.: 63002-99

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Function and Applications

The binocular SWIFT 3H-B microscope combines three different microscopes in one: microscope, macroscope and field scope. The macroscope allows you to view opaque objects with the top LED illuminator and the lower magnification. The microscope allows you to view microscopic specimens on slides with the lower LED illumination and the high power objectives. If you unscrew the tripod legs from the microscope, it can be mounted on a camera tripod and be used outdoors in field studies. An economical LED-light which is supplied with energy by an accumulator, allows also a working far away from the next mains socket.


  • a whole metal case qualitatively produced on highest level and the exclusive use of metal parts in the interior of the microscope guarantee a long and trouble-free working
  • sturdy detachable tripod legs ensures a stable stand and if they are folded an easy storage
  • an ergonomic handle allows an easy transportation of the microscope
  • eyepieces, objectives and stage clips protected against removing
  • the rechargeable LED-light allows to work up to 40 hours indepent from mains sockets with an adjustable intensity of illumination
  • supplied with a mechanical stage plate with one-touch stage clips for easy transition of slides, a black/white contrast plate and clear and transparent collection container for viewing macro specimens as insects etc.

Equipment and Technical Data

  • Binocular head with interpupillary adjustment
  • Widefield eyepiece WF10x/18 mm
  • Four-hole revolving nosepiece
  • Achromatic objectives: 4x, 10x, 40x (spring) - 1x (macro)
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system
  • Round stage with one-touch stage clips (multiple stage positions for micro and macro viewing)
  • Built-in N.A. 0.65 condenser with iris diaphragm
  • Rechargeable top and bottom LED illumination 70 mW with intensity control
  • Accessories included: immersion oil, 5ml, dust cover, special key to loosen the lenses, allen key and fixing screw, spare fuse
  • Power supply: 100...240 V (CE), including charger and batteries
  • Height: :388 mm
  • Weight: 7.2 kg


SWIFT LINE presentation

SWIFT LINE presentation

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