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TESS advanced Applied Sciences manual Acoustics

TESS advanced Applied Sciences manual Acoustics

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Function and Applications 

21 detailed descriptions to the experimental sets TESS Acoustics set 1 and set 2. Consists of student sheets and additional teacher information.

With set 1, 14 experiments can be performed:

  • Generation of sound waves
  • Propagation of sound in air
  • Propagation of sound in solid bodies
  • Propagation of sound in water
  • Sound as a sine wave*
  • Sound and noise*
  • Lower and upper hearing threshold*
  • Directional hearing*
  • Beat frequency*
  • Measurement of sound velocity*
  • Bone conduction
  • Noise level traffic light*
  • Scales and intervals
  • Fundamental, overtone, and tone colour*

With set 2, 8 additional experiments can be performed:

  • Harmonic oscillation
  • Visualisation of the oscillations of a tuning fork
  • Reflection and echo*
  • Standing waves*
  • Resonance*
  • Determination of an unknown frequency (beats)*
  • Reflection and absorption of sound*
  • Doppler effect*

* Software-based experiments 

What you can learn about

  • Generation, propagation and perception of sound
  • Physical properties: Oscillations and waves
  • Applications in the field of medicine, music, and everyday life

Equipment and Technical Data

DIN A4, spiral binding, colour, 140 pages

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