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Student set Electricity / Electronics 1, TESS advanced Physics

Student set Electricity / Electronics 1, TESS advanced Physics

Item no.: 15281-88

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Function and Applications

Basic set allowing the performance of 35 experiments about the following topics:

  • Electric Circuits (9 Experiments)
  • Electrical Resistance (10 Experiments)
  • Electrical Work and Power (1 Experiment)
  • Capacitors (3 Experiments)
  • Diodes (5 Experiments)
  • Transistors (7 Experiments)


  • Complete equipment set: simple execution of the experiments
  • The equipment is stored in a rugged, stackable and compact box, allowing quick control of completeness (foam insert)
  • Experimenting literature for pupils and teachers available: minimal preparation time
  • Matched with international curriculum: all topics are covered

Equipment and technical data

  • The equipment set consists of all necessary components for the experiments
  • Robust, stackable storage box with a foam insert fitting to the contained equipment
Experiment Item no.
The simple circuit P1351600
Voltage measurement P1351700
Current measurement P1351800
Conductors and non-conductors P1351900
Changeover switches and alternating switches P1352000
AND and OR circuits P1352100
Series and parallel connection of sources of voltage P1352200
The safety fuse P1352300
The bimetallic switch P1352400
Resistance in a circuit P1352500
Ohm's law P1352600
Current and resistance in a parallel connection P1352700
Current and resistance in a series connection P1352800
Voltage in a series connection P1352900
The dependence of the resistance of a wire on its length andcross-section P1353000
The dependence of the resistance of a wire on its materialand temperature P1353100
The resistivity of wires P1353200
The potentiometer P1353300
The internal resistance of a source of voltage P1353400
Electric power and work P1353500
Capacitors in direct current circuits P1354400
Charging and discharging a capacitor P1354500
Capacitors in alternating current circuits P1354600
Diodes as electrical valves P1356800
The diode as a rectifier P1356900
Characteristics of a silicon diode P1357000
Characteristic curve of a Zener diode P1357300
The Zener diode as a voltage stabiliser P1357400
NPN and PNP transistors P1357800
The transistor as a switch P1357900
The transistor time-delay switch P1358000
Transistors as voltage amplifiers P1358200
Characteristic curves of an NPN transistor P1358300
Stabilisation of the operating point P1358400
Undamped electromagnetic oscillations P1358600
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